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What happens after I apply?

Tier I applicants requesting $20,000 or less: A CDF Program Coordinator reviews your application then recommends accepting or rejecting your project to the minister responsible for the CDF.

Hint: We recommend you discuss your project proposal with a CDF officer prior to making your submission.

Tier II applicants requesting between $20,001 and $75,000 and Tier III applicants requesting $75,001 or more: An interdepartmental review committee with representatives from the departments of Community Services, Economic Development, Tourism and Culture, and Justice reviews your application, then forwards your application with their comments and recommendations to the CDF Program Advisory Board. The Premier appoints the Chair, Deputy Chair and Public Representative of this board, but it also includes the deputy ministers of Community Services, Economic Development and Tourism and Culture. Final approval is made by the minister(s) responsible.

This is how long, approximately, it takes to process CDF applications after each intake:

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

within four weeks

In 6-8 weeks

In 10-12 weeks

If the CDF accepts your project and you accept the terms and conditions of the contribution agreement, the CDF retains the right to inspect and monitor the progress of your project during every stage including completion.

If the CDF does not approve your project application, a CDF Program Coordinator will explain why and may suggest how you can strengthen your application for resubmission at a later deadline.