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CDF Program Officers are available to help with your application. Please call the CDF offices at 1-800-661-0408 or (867) 667-8125 to ensure that your project is eligible before completing your CDF application.

The CDF funds community and industry groups whose applications demonstrate that they have the resources and support to design and complete their proposed project. We encourage you to discuss your project idea with a CDF Program Coordinator before submitting a complete application form with these following documents.

Applications forms must be accompanied by:

  • Certificate of Status (available from Corporate Affairs), if applicable
  • letters of support from community stakeholders and partners
  • letters of confirmation from other funding partners
  • detailed project budget
  • professional quotes for materials or hiring contractors or consultants
  • copies of applicable permits
  • other supporting documents, if applicable
  • environmental assessment, if applicable

    Funding categories and Application Deadlines

    CDF Funding Tiers

    Tier I

    Tier II

    Tier III

    Funding Level $20,000 or less $20,001 to $75,000 $75,001 or more
    Deadline(s) January 15
    May 15
    July 15
    October 15
    May 15
    September 15
    January 15

    Applications must be received by the CDF office no later than 4:30 P.M. on the deadline date.

    If a deadline date falls on a weekend or holiday, applications must be received by the CDF office no later than 4:30 P.M. on the next business day after the deadline.

    This is how long, approximately, it takes to process CDF applications after each intake: 


    Tier I

    Tier II

    Tier III

    within four weeks

    In 6-8 weeks

    In 10-12 weeks


    If the CDF accepts your project and you accept the terms and conditions of the contribution agreement, the CDF retains the right to inspect and monitor the progress of your project during every stage including completion.

    If the CDF does not approve your project application, a CDF Program Coordinator will explain why and may suggest how you can strengthen your application for resubmission at a later deadline.


    Submitting your application early is strongly encouraged. Late applications cannot be considered for funding.

  • 1. The CDF is designed for projects that accomplish these goals:

  • create economic benefits such as generating local spending, creating employment opportunities, building required infrastructure
  • provide economic opportunities for Yukon communities
  • create social benefits such as strengthening social and community networks, building partnerships, managing social, networking and recreational events, conducting historical research, fostering traditions, sharing knowledge, developing useable skills
  • invite and encourage community participation
  • benefit the community's long-term well being

    2. CDF funds:

  • registered Yukon not-for-profit societies
    • must be a registered not-for-profit society in good standing
  • community associations and local governing bodies
    • includes organizations recognized under Municipal or Recreational Acts
  • business, industry, and / or professional associations
    • only organizations and associations recognized under legislated authority
  • municipal and First Nations governments
    • BUT First Nations Development Corporations, business, individuals and governments of Canada and Yukon are not eligible
  • charitable organizations
    • must attach federal certificate of charitable status such as a tax number

    3. The CDF is more apt to fund projects that:

  • demonstrate long-term value to one or each of the following: an organization, community or the territory
    • value is best demonstrated by: creating or enhancing physical and social infrastructure, sharing knowledge, developing useable skills
  • attract new money into Yukon
    • money from Outside sources including federal government programs and other sources
  • foster cooperation, partnerships and collaboration amongst groups
    • applicants must demonstrate their project has strong community support
  • provide apprenticeships or other job-training opportunities for local residents
    • employers must register apprentices with Advanced Education for designated trades in Yukon
  • require less than the maximum allotments for Tiers I, II and III
    • the CDF wants to fund every worthy project; groups should request only what they need and not the total allowable

    Hint: Proposals with a high level of equity are more apt to be funded.

    4. CDF applicants must:

    • provide a copy of "certificate of status" if applicant is a Yukon-based not-for-profit group
    • be capable of operating and maintaining project infrastructure
      • organization assuming O&M responsibilities must provide the CDF with a letter of commitment
    • ensure that any financial obligations to the Government of Yukon are in good standing
    • Provide information for an environmental assessment as required
      • Yukon Government staff will help applicants understand how Yukon environmental assessment (YESAA) legislation affects their project
    • provide written confirmation of other funding sources
      • identify if project funding from other sources is pending or confirmed because the CDF will not fund 100 per cent of a project's cost

    5. CDF applicants should:

    • purchase Yukon goods and services, whenever possible
      • NOTE: CDF applicants must detail which project expenditures will be spent on goods and services from Yukon and those bought from Outside sources
    • Attempt, whenever possible, to employ local people and support employment equity
      • NOTE: equity hire refers to hiring: First Nations people, women, people with disabilities
    • Provide a 10-per-cent minimum of total project costs or get this minimum from other sources
      • NOTE: post-project reporting is required applicants must contribute money from sources other than the CDF

    Hint: Ensure all permits, inspections and reports as required are available. If you need assistance call our offices at 667-8125.

    6. CDF projects must not:

    • compete with an existing local private sector business or commercial activity unless it’s economically beneficial to the community to territory as a whole and can be defended as such.
    • fall under the normal responsibility of: a Yukon Government department, the Government of Canada, Municipal governments, First Nation governments
      • this applies to larger infrastructure such as: fire halls, swimming pools in unincorporated, communities, new museums

    7. The CDF does not fund:

    • improvements to buildings owned by private citizens or businesses. Improvements to Yukon government buildings are only eligible if a long-term agreement (five year or more) exists.
    • the purchase of readily-movable equipment suitable for personal use, such as computers or tools
    • land development
      • land development is done on a cost-recovery basis-developers recoup their expenses by selling or leasing land
    • road projects
      • the Rural Roads Program is designed for these projects. Click here to access the Rural Roads Program site. (link to Rural Roads contact site)
    • operation & maintenance, ongoing expenses or annual or re-occurring expenses such as Leasehold improvements, existing employee positions, rent, telephone & Internet accounts, and building maintenance are ineligible
    • some arts projects (only the capital portion of arts-based projects are eligible for the CDF)
      • projects whose primary objective is creating, producing, or presenting art are referred to the Arts Fund administered by the Department of Tourism and Culture
    • administration expenses
      • administrative expenses are not eligible costs and cannot be claimed as equity
  • Contact Community Development Fund Office 

    Mailing address:
    PO Box 2703, F-1
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Y1A 2C6

    Phone: (867) 667-8125
    Toll Free (in Yukon): 1-800-661-0408 Ext. 8125
    Fax: (867) 393-7018


    Physical Address:
    Community Development Fund
    Government of Yukon
    303 Alexander St, 2nd floor
    Whitehorse, Yukon